What do you bring to the Expo?

  • A 15x15 inch X-Large base plate (also available at Learning Express and sometimes Toys R Us)
    • See below for layout
  • An underwater vehicle
  • A display board showing what you explored - or other activities that you did

For those who want to be involved but at the absolute minimum level timewise:
Do this with just your family. Talk about oceans and marine life, watch some videos, read some books.
  • Prior to the Expo, have your kids build a LEGO model on a 15x15 inch base plate (directions here), create a LEGO vehicle and put some pictures some cool things you've discovered on the display board.
  • Come to the Jr Expo! (RSVP here: Jr EXPO April 18 2015 RSVP )

Here's a sample base plate to bring to the Jr Expo.

Get a large base plate, put on the middle divider, create an ocean scene of your choice (helpful to know if it's coastal, open ocean, coral reef or deep trenches so we can put them together in the right order), then create some vehicle (motorized or not) that can drive along the base plates and see all the scenes...

external image 2012-05-31%252015.18.45.jpg