The Forge Downtown Junior FIRST LEGO League

This is is a list of resources for Junior FIRST LEGO League teams and is hosted by The Forge Downtown, a non-profit in based in Cary, NC ( For more info about us and the resources, click here

If you have resources to share and would like to help with ideas, resources, etc. for JrFLL, please ask to join the group at the above right.

Information about Junior FIRST LEGO League

2-page flier: How to Start a JrFLL team:

A presentation made on July 15, 2013 by Wake Robotics -- full of information about team size, cost, schedule, FIRST values, etc.

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Current Challenge: Think Tank

Waste Wise
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2015 JrFLL Waste Wise
Junior FIRST® LEGO® League teams are about to learn that throwing something in the trash is only the beginning. In the 2015-2016 WASTE WISESM Challenge, over 34,500 children ages 6 to 9 from 18 countries will look at trash in a whole new way. From reducing, to reusing, to recycling, and beyond, find out what making trash really means. Prepare to become Waste Wise!

If you're interested in being involved, please contact us at: