Week 1: September 5, 2013

led by Grace, from Duct Tape Teambuilding Games

Team Business Meeting:
1) Quick discussion of the Forge, but most team members are familiar with it. We talked about the bathrooms being upstairs, and areas of the basement they should not go into.
2) We made a list of things the team members wanted to get from their Jr FLL experience.
3) We spoke briefly about what makes a good team name, and they are to think about potential team names for next week.

1) Team members presented the pictures they had found of natural disasters that interested them.
2) We made a list of natural disasters that were available for studying this year.
3) Assignment: Team members are to talk with a person who has experienced a natural disaster. They are to ask the following three questions: What did you do to prepare for the event beforehand? How did you stay safe during the event? Who helped you after the event? They can ask other questions also, but these are important. We will talk about their conversations next week.

also led by Grace, from Duct Tape Teambuilding Games, the tail game. Players had to remove each others' duct tape tail while following a no touch rule.

1) We spent some time getting to know the pieces.
2) We played a game where the members paired up, sat back to back, and took turns giving each other building instructions.

They had some random build time, and as we cleaned up we talked a little about simple machines.

Other notes: Two team members were unable to come. We will get them caught up next week.