Week 2: September 12, 2013

led by Grace, the tail game

Team Business Meeting:
1) We made name buttons since last time some members commented on not knowing other team members' names despite recognizing each other's faces.
2) We began brainstorming for a team name but discussing what makes a good name. They decided a good name sounded cool and represented their team's interests or purpose. Suggestions were made, and a name was created by fusing several suggestions and trial and error. All team members decided to approve the name by popular vote. Beforehand, I discussed gracious winning and losing. There were three aye's and 2 nay's. We are now the Lego Brick Twisters.

1) Members presented and discussed interviews that were assigned at last week's meeting.
2) Because students were not ready to choose a natural disaster to spend the rest of the season studying, each student selected one or more natural disasters to present next week.

led by Grace, the find your shoes with a blindfold on game. Players were blindfolded and had to locate their shoes from a pile on the floor while blindfolded. Other team members were to give instructions.

1) Members teamed up and made catapults from popsicle sticks, spoons and ping pong balls. We discussed these structures and some members choose to see if they could improve on their first builds.
2) We watched a brief Bill Nye video about simple machines, specifically the part focusing on levers.
3) Members worked with the simple machines kit to begin constructing catapults with Legos.

Other notes:
1) Choosing a name this early in the season was difficult. Maybe waiting another week would have helped them to begin to form bonds between team members, but maybe not. They can begin to think of themselves as a team with a name, which makes the whole process of forming a team one step easier. Still another week surely couldn't have hurt. Maybe next time, we will wait a little longer.