Week 4 September 26, 2013

We revisited duct tape minefield. Team members took turns giving directions to a blindfolded member. Together they discussed strategies to deal with the difficulty of giving accurate left and right instructions. They worked out the rules of what constituted a direction. They decided a direction should include distance needed and which foot should be used. They also worked out that the next person in line should be paying extra attention so they could say stop if their team member needed it. We talked about how important trust was in the game, trust in their teammates and trust in themselves.

Team Business Meeting
Grace provided a skit that discussed respect. We revisited team practices and added a few to the list. Now included are
We will keep our hands to our sides.
Each person's ideas are important.

We talked about the definition of a natural disaster. They included a nature made event that affected people, animals and/or property.

We played a game called Magic Cane. The object of the game was to lower a cane without allowing it to be uneven or dropping it. All participants had to be attached to the cane at all times via a forefinger under the cane, supporting it. We talked about how they chose a leader automatically and what made a leader effective. Next week we will revisit this game; they will need to work together silently.

We spent some time talking about the lever examples they brought from home. They brought pliers, nutcrackers, balance scales, tongs and spatulas. We watched a couple of youtube videos that discussed the different types of levers and how the effort's distance from the fulcrum affects the load capacity. Team members were then given the simple machines kits and asked to build second class and third class levers.
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