Week 5 October 3, 2013

We started with a no talking rule.
Some of the members really liked this idea. We played the Magic Cane game again. We played it once without talking and once without talking and with a member blindfolded. Through writing on the whiteboard and gestures they came up with a plan to support their blindfolded member. Some of the members really liked this idea of no talking at all. Others really hated this game.

Team Business Meeting:
We continued with out no talking rule and began working on creating a logo made from Legos. Again no talking proved to be a problem. We finally suspended the game. They worked on Lego structures independently and decided to place them all on a building plate. I took a picture and will process it into button format for their consideration.

Grace brought a baking soda and vinegar volcano which she displayed. We used oreo cookies to discuss plate techtonics.