Week 6 October 10, 2013

We continued with our tradition of opening our meeting with games. The games seem to be the one thing that all team members thoroughly enjoy. It is amazing how well they communicate with each other, strategize and problem solve. They eagerly team up with different partners, no matter if it is their best friend or someone with whom they are less familiar. They listen to all view points and are great about discussing team dynamics. The team building games have really helped these kids absorb and exhibit the core values.

Team Building Meeting:
We continued to discuss logos, tshirts and buttons.

Now that kids are more familiar with the natural disasters, they were given the assignment to learn and present about community helpers who help us prepare, survive and rebuild after a natural disaster. Presentations given included hurricane hunters, National Guard and Boy Scouts.

We watched a video by Bill Nye on inclined planes and began our discussion of inclined planes. We will continue with the topic next week.