Week 7, October 17, 2013

I was looking for a way for the kids to do the work, as is stated in the core values. One of the ways I thought they could do this was to be responsible for organizing the team building games. Their responsibility is to choose team building games that emphasis and facilitate team work, problem solving, trust and core values. They are to choose these games in conjunction with their parent. Avery was the first to try this idea. She choose a game where a rope is made into a ring and team members form a circle by holding hands. The rope must be passed around the circle over heads and bodies without letting go of hands. Avery brought several games, and the team enjoyed playing her games.

Team members presented more information on other community helpers, including Army Corp of Engineers, newspeople and reporters, and others.

We watched a video about inclined planes and worked with the simple machines kit. Students did a comparison of different slopes.