Week 10 October 31, 2013

This week Evan supplied the games. The first game involved placing a 3-4 foot blank on the floor. All team members need to stand on it. Then they had to flip the blanket without anyone stepping off of it.

Team Business Meeting:
We discussed Expo, what will occur, what work we need to accomplish, etc. We still have not decided on our natural disaster. Last week we had narrowed down their choices to hurricanes and tornadoes. At this meeting we voted again, this time the vote was successful, and they choose hurricanes. We needed to decide on a tshirt color for the team shirt. They were several opinions, and we were able to narrow them down to two choices. Since we couldn't achieve an unanimous agreement we needed to vote. However, they agreed to abide by the flip of a coin. Neon yellow/green won.

Team member names were written on index cards and randomly taped to each others' backs. Their job was to figure out whose name tag was taped to his or her back without asking. This was a fun game but would have been a more challenging game with a larger group. Maybe we should have used a rule that they couldn't look at each others' backs.

Mr. John Hagewood, an engineer of multiple disciplines, came and taught a lesson about gears. He also talked about how he got interested in engineering and what type of work he has done throughout the years.