Week 1: August 13th

Natural Disaster Introduction

Intro - ~5-10 min
- quick Forge tour, rules overview
- agenda for the day (really must put this up VISUALLY for coming weeks :) )

Story - ~10 min
- read The Big Storm, by Bruce Hiscock
(did not finish reading all of it...hit some high points in the story, but it was a tad long for the group)

Connections - ~15 min
- "what natural disasters have you ever experienced?"
- made list of all they could come up with on whiteboard
- watched BrainPop video on Natural Disasters
- discussed natural disasters they didn't think of (tsunami, flood, and drought)

Activity - ~20 min
- work on lift-the-flap natural disaster project - pick four of your 'favorite' disasters, write at least *one* way that you think people can stay safe during that disaster
- each team member chose to share *one* of the disasters with the group and we added a preliminary "vote" for the disaster they'd like to learn about this season (final decision will hopefully be made at next meeting - when *all* members are in attendance)

Snack Break - ~15 min

Team Building/Challenge - ~20 min
- back-to-back LEGO build with a partner (each team member chose about 5 LEGO pieces and came up with a 'creation', then chose the exact same 5 pieces for their partner...they sat back-to-back and had to explain to their partner how to build the same creation - without looking)

Free Play - ~20 min
- Free play with LEGO's, followed by clean-up and quick discussion about next meeting

*times are just an estimate...I will try to keep better track of actual time frames for the next update :)