NOTE: 9 children who are 6-9 yo
Forming 2 teams but meeting at the same time

Week 1 - Sept 9

  • Set up 3d printer to be printing…Britt?
  • print disaster blaster logos for name buttons… and make...
  • print ½ page clip art on cardstock
  • write out agenda
  • strew books


10 min
Name Game

__Name Toss...Reverse Name Toss__

Then toss a second ball into the circle, for fun.

Beach ball at Forge
5 min
Welcome and go over agenda

<--pictures drawn on easel

Weather Riddle
“What do clouds wear under their raincoats?
Give Disaster Blaster Name Buttons
10 min
Talk about JrFLL challenge for the year
* name of the challenge -- what does that mean? (like the imagery of “Blaster”!!!
* things we’re going to talk about
* outcomes (board, model, etc.)
* flow / schedule
* maybe… they have ideas for what they would do to get ready???? or at least check

3D Printers as a tool for exploring natural disasters
*quick brainstorm of natural disaster “things” to print
__Challenge Dropbox Link__:

__Schedule Spreadsheet__
10 min?
Overview of Natural Disasters
--- brainstorm natural disasters -- what they are, what causes them
(probably not but here’s the link)
Who helps in Natural Disasters?
Broad discussion of natural disaster to go through the following questions…
  • What happens before (warning, preparedness)
  • What happens during (safety, who helps)
  • What happens after (clean up?)
Perhaps this is where we can suggest the idea of going on a field trip to “visit the people who help”?

Potential topic: emergency preparedness kit - inviting Cloud 9 to come in
Hand out cliparts
Sort into categories of natural disaster (identify, sort into weather and earth)

Flip book - pick your favorite 4 disasters. Write under flap at least 1 way to stay safe during it or someone who is involved in keeping people safe
Print pages of ½ page natural disaster clipart. need markers, 11x17 construction paper, pencils, stapler to create small books...tape/glue to attach books to construction paper
SNACK BREAK possibility (not officially on agenda)

Share flipbooks as a whole group

Team build: (2 teams)
Building a lego model that would protect you on Mars

3 min brainstorm
10 minutes to build

Share and discuss models with the other team.
Set stage for teams -- quick discussion about what is a team, any ideas of what makes it easy to work together…. just touching on it.

3 minutes to talk about it in teams -- with whiteboards!!!!
Goal: brainstorming… slowly over next few weeks talk about everyone having a voice...
and then 10 minutes to build

Debrief talking with each other -- how much did you plan ahead and how much did you cover during the build?

Free lego building time...bring out motors?
2 kits from yesterday at Marbles?
Or they can go outside
Talk to parents about website and google group, snacks, money, schedule. (Need logistics spreadsheet for JrFLL). Make sure everyone is able to receive emails and send. Share JrFLL google doc folder?

HOMEWORK Homework: talk with family and friends about their experiences with natural disasters -- and before, during and after if possible
  • Just come ready to tell
  • Show and tell really cool :)
__Eyewitness Natural Disaster__ (25 min youtube)

__Angry Birds -- Natural Disasters__