Week 2: August 27th

Field Trip (Natural Science Museum)

Intro - ~5-10 min
- got everyone situated in the Educational Literacy Center
- briefly looked at weather/natural disaster books while prepping

Connections - ~15 min
- final votes - "what natural disaster is your TOP choice to study this season?"
- tallied votes - everyone actually agreed on ONE topic - TORNADOES :D
- work individually for just a few minutes - make a list of your ideas for a team name (up to 3 names)
- broke off into teams to collaborate and discuss
- worked with each team to decide on a final (agreed upon by all) name for each team (SUCCESS!!)

Team #210 - Awesome Awesome Awesome Brain Storm Builders
Team # ? - Awesome Brain Storming Robotic Builders

Activity - ~20 min
- left the ELC and headed over to the Weather Prediction station (with Greg Fischel) and explored the hurricane tracking exhibit as a group
- looked at the extreme weather exhibit nearby the weather prediction station

Museum Exploration - ~up to parents to decide how long they wanted to stay