Week 2: Weather and Forecasting


Welcome and Go over Agenda

10 min
Overview: Types of natural disasters

Weather and ground/earth -- which are which…

Did anyone talk to anyone about being in a weather-related natural disaster? Go over any stories they have...

How can we prepare for a weather-related natural disaster?

Who figures out ahead of time that one is coming? And how do they know? What do they track?

5 min
Here's a montage of meterologist wording:

Ask what kind of things they hear from him in terms of things he watches for

Read “The Big Storm”

Talk through discussion questions...
  • What types of things do weather forecasters track?
  • How do they know weather is changing?
  • What is a storm?

Questions From “Investigating Natural Disasters Through Children’s Literature”
  • What did you find most interesting about the six-day storm?
  • What did scientists learn as a result of this storm?
  • How did the illustrations contribute to your understanding of this storm?
  • If you could ask the author one question, what would it be?
  • Why is the work of Meteorologists so important?
  • What was the most amazing storm you have ever experienced?
Cool short videos for kids about weather:

Slow Motion Lightning - pretty cool

Hail - to show difference to rain
.2-3 min
Watch video: “Our World: What is Weather?”
  • 0:30-1:37 - Heat, Air Pressure, Winds, Moisture
  • 1:37- 2:20 - Weather vs Climate. PAUSE at 2:20 to answer question “Can you determine which climate zone you live in?”
  • 2:20-2:56 - Predicting Weather
Video Link: __http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtgFHHhm1xU__
10 min
Look at local weather station data history and current conditions

Maps of Current Forecasts -

→ talk about fronts, etc… satellite, etc..
Local weather station Map

History (charts of temps, barometric

Tools to predict the weather

Anemometer - __http://www.fi.edu/weather/todo/dixie.html__
Show kids how anemometer works. Need fan with different speeds, something to record revolutions, phone to record time.

Doppler Radar / Doppler Effect
Need phone, electric razor

Air Pressure
Video on Air Pressure and how Barometers work
could watch from begining until 2:10 and watch air pressure experiment with bottle and balloon in freezer then warm water.
Tell kids they can do this at home.

??Thermometer - __http://www.education.com/activity/article/make_a_homemade_thermometer_middle/__
Need straws, rubbing alcohol, plastic bottles (ask students to bring some in?
Susan has modeling clay, red food coloring.
Still need to build one, if we want to do this as a group.

Investigating Natural Disasters through Children’s Lit, pp144-146.
15-20 min
Team Building Exercise: Weather Scavenger Hunt

Go outside and split into teams.
Team members take turns choosing a weather realted scavenger hunt item from a grab bag.
They search as a team for something to represent the item.
outside, grab bags of different items to search for (LINDA, p 52 Wild About Weather)

See list below

3D tutorial? Have tinkercad/minecraft available for kids to create 3D models?

LEGO Build - Build something “weather related”

Weather Scavenger Hunt

Something bending toward the sun
Something hiding from sunshine
Something that may become part of a cloud
Something that tells you if the wind is blowing or not
Something left by the rain
A bad place for a person to seek shelter during a lightning storm
A place where icicles might form
A place where weather has damaged a building
A good place for a person to seek shelter during a tornado
A sign of an animal that likes rain
A place to go where it’s cool
A place where the rain has moved the soil
A place that gets not much sunshine
A place that gets lots of sunshine
Something that bends in the wind
Something that won’t bend in the wind
Something that reflects lots of sunlight
Something that absorbs lots of sunlight
Something that will soak up rain
Something that makes rain splatter
Something that protects people from rain
Something that uses sunlight or wind or water to work
A good windbreak
Something shaped by wind or water