Week 3 - Earth Caused Natural Disasters

start big picture...
earth is a moving dynamic field of big plates with molten lava inside
what happens when those movements occur.

Prep - write agenda on board

3D Printer?? - __http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25404__

Welcome and go over agenda

Read a book
Volcanoes, by: Franklin M. Branly
Link to Book on google docs:

Have a discussion about earthquakes and volcanoes.

How do we keep people safe in an earthquake? volcanic erruption? tsunami?

Who helps before/during/after?
__Show maps__: This shows the most recent earthquakes -- and where they are with tectonic plates:

Good video about earthquakes from how stuff works:

and it slides right into one about volcanoes -- it’s good as well

Do an activity
Graham Cracker Activity

(description below this table)
Bring lava rocks?


Team Building Exercise
Another fun activity might be to have them do a radio announcer for a earthquake?

Brainstorm (adult writing?) words that have to do with earthquakes or volcanoes or tsunamis (pick one) and then do a TV announcer -- what type of people announce them, what do they say, how do they help people? (could be addressed to cats and dogs to make it a little less personal?)

Team discussion of Team Name and favorite disasters?

LEGO Build: can they build buildings that are impervious to shaking?

from: __http://www.coreknowledge.org/mimik/mimik_uploads/lesson_plans/1444/6_platetectonics.pdf__

Graham Cracker Activity

Adapted from Geology Rocks! 50 Hands-on Activities to Explore the Earth by Cindy Blobaum
Background: Plate tectonics is the moving of irregularly shaped slabs of earth that fit together
like paving stones to form the surface layer of the Earth. A fault is a break or crack along which
rocks move.

1. With your plastic knife, spread a thick layer of frosting on your waxed paper, leaving
at least an inch margin all the way around the waxed paper.

1. Place your two graham crackers touching together on the waxed paper. Now slowly
push them apart.
2. As the plates separate, notice how the magma oozes up from below and makes new
ocean floor or creates underwater mountain ranges.
3. You have just created a rift (a big crack in the ocean floor).

1. Push the graham crackers toward each other, allowing one graham cracker to slide
underneath the other (do NOT break the graham cracker).
2. When plates of the Earth do this, the bottom plate starts to melt from the intense heat
and pressure. The bottom plate becomes new magma that floats up between the two
plates, building up and up over many years until a volcano blast occurs!

1. Place your two graham crackers side by side. Applying slight pressure towards each
other, slide one graham cracker up away from you and slide the other graham cracker
down and toward you.
2. Earthquakes occur when plates move past each other like this, get stuck on each
other, give a great lurch, and move on.
3. Waves of vibrations are sent throughout the Earth’s interior (similar to the ripple
effect from a pebble dropped in water) = earthquake!

1. Moisten the edge of ONE of your graham crackers with the water.
2. Place your two graham crackers side by side on the waxed paper. Slowly push the
graham crackers together.
3. When two of the Earth’s plates slowly crumbled together, mountain ranges were