Week 5: October 8th

Terrible Tornadoes

Team Building
Introduced our new YAM Abby to the group/group introduced themselves to Abby
"Line" Game led by Abby

Simple Machines
- read 3 Pigs and the Scientific Wolf (bought the eBook, since we couldn't find hard copy in forge)
- watched BrainPop video on Simple Machines
- group activity - Simple Machines sorting project (Abby setup the game before class started)

Snack Break

Preparing for a Tornado
- "pack" our emergency kits (activity/game) - discuss among team members what items should and should not be packed for an emergency
- looked at our 'homework' from the last meeting (everyone was to draw up a houseplan for their home) - labeled the safest place on the first floor of their home to hide in the event of a tornado (marked with an X) - for display board
- built LEGO models (on small base plates) of the 'safe' room and presented them to the group

- finalized the button-making from our last meeting - with Abby