Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics

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These have discussions and activities listed in "Investigating Natural Disasters through Children's Literature" by Anthony D. Fredericks)

Earthquakes by Seymour Simon

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With the increasing coverage of earthquakes worldwide, readers' interest should be piqued for this lucid introduction. Veteran photo-essayist Simon has produced another characteristically concise and involving precis. Facts abound, concerning such topics as the Pacific Ring of Fire; faults, especially the San Andreas; strike- and dip-slips; seismographs; the Richter and Mercali Intensity Scales; sand boils; and more. As in all of Simon's work, the high-quality photos and the book's spacious, accessible design enhance and extend the clarity of his exposition. Simon's compelling glimpses of these mighty geological phenomena will give readers a new understanding of and appreciation for the awesome forces of nature. Ages 5-up.
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I didn't know that quakes split the ground open

By Claire Oliver

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Part of the I DIDN'T KNOW THAT series, a full colour collection of facts about earthquakes and their effects, including puzzles, quizzes, questions and projects, plus border facts which supplement the main text.

Shock waves through Los Angeles

Carole Vogel

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Grade 2-5?This brief, well-illustrated book does a good job of describing the 1994 Northridge earthquake. In clear prose, Vogel describes the cause, the losses, and the clean up after the massive quake without sensationalizing her depictions. She highlights the acts of heroism and the tragedies that followed the natural disaster. The profuse full-color photographs are carefully selected and captioned to extend the information presented in the text. While minimal attention is given to the extensive devastation in other areas such as Santa Monica, the author does cover the subject thoroughly and objectively.

Volcanoes & Earthquakes

Eldridge Moores

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Volcanoes & Earthquakes is a dynamic reference book for children. Detailed, atmospheric illustrations, revealing photographs and lively descriptions engage and encourage readers to discover for themselves a part of the world’s exciting story. Every page is designed to capture the imagination and stimulate curiosity. A dramatic four-page foldout scene and vivid drawings take young readers into the heart of the topic.

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