Super Seniors at the Forge

Syllabus by Week:

Most important 20th century inventions:

Seniors Week 01 Sep 11Intro week -- life in the 40's, 50'sWhat is a seniorWeek "homework": Communication - Talk to a grandparent or senior about how communication has changed
Seniors Week 02 Sep 18Team building: LEGO communication -- back to back buildSeniors topic: Communication changes
LEGO topic: Homework topic: Transportation changes

Seniors Week 03 Sep 25Team building: LEGO communication - back to back build 2Seniors topic: Transportation changes
Homework topic: Toys and games changes

Seniors Week 04 Oct 2Team building: Simple instructions -- use casesSeniors topic: Toys and games changesHomework topic: Daily life changesTeams set, team name
Seniors Week 05 Oct 9
Team building: More challenging use casesSeniors topic: Daily life changes changesHomework topic: Information / Education changesTeams set, team name
Seniors Week 06 Oct 16Team building: We DoSeniors topic: Information / Education changesHomework topic: Biggest changes overall, any good stories about growing up
Start designing tshirts and buttons

Seniors Week 07 Oct 23Team building: Design tshirtsSeniors topic: Panel discussion of several seniors about how life's changed
Tshirts designed, buttons

Seniors Week 08 Oct 30Team building: Make buttonsSeniors topic: Boards -- what goes on themLEGO topic: Boards -- what goes on them
Homework topic: Anything done at home to bring in for the boards
Buttons made

Seniors Week 09 Nov 6Team building: Seniors topic: Boards finalized LEGO topic: Boards finalized
Homework topic: Review what they've done

Seniors JrFLL Expo Saturday Nov 10Maybe...