Team Building

For the 5 to 9 year olds, team building is a big part of what they work on:
  • Communicating to achieve an end goal
  • Listening to each others' opinions
  • Learning how to brainstorm effectively
  • Moving from individual to team play - with age-appropriate time spent in different areas. Though kids often can play with each other all day long with few challenges, working toward one goal instead of going with the flow is much harder.

If they have words for what they go through in building a team, they can sometimes work through it easier (Tuckman's Team Building stages) .

We also use a lot of VARK learning styles: visual, auditory, read/write, kinesthetic -- it's really helpful. If anyone ever wants a workshop on using it in a team in the Raleigh area, let us know:

Linda's Favorite Team Building Books:

Choose a challenge based on what your goal is -- is it to work through challenges, or communication, or learning names or, whatever... the right team builder can help them walk through it.

This is a good all-round team building book with a lot of different types of team
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Fun duct tape games -- most are available on youtube as well:
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And for young children, sometimes a game will work:

Other resources:
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